The Tokyo Olympics has started and will dominate the global media for two weeks. We will see the results of years of training culminate in heats and finals with winners emerging. One person or a team will get the gold medal and they will be recognised for that achievement.

The similarity with executive selection comes about with the long list of candidates moving through the heats of qualification and marching eventually to the final selection, with the shortlisted candidates being offered the chance to compete for the opportunity.

They then compete for the role in often a closely fought battle and the client then identifies a preferred candidate who will ideally join them. For every successful placement to a role there have been several others who have offered their candidature and been unsuccessful in the final outcome. The worthiness of these individuals should always be valued, as should all candidates. The quality of their experience can influence their decisions on engaging in the future with either the client or the consultancy as a Candidate, or indeed a Client and where they consider their future executive selection requirements.

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Written by Peter Gleeson