Taking the leap

After a number of years working for others, you have started to think about working for yourself. There are several issues to face, not the least of which is your self-belief that all will be ok.

Why leave when you have done so well where you are? What about the family? How will I/we pay the mortgage? It is a flooded market; will I be able to work on my own? There is security here where I am with a well-known company. I like my clients; they like me.  I add value to my candidates will I still be able to?  I like my colleagues it’s a great atmosphere.

All of us go through these phases at one time or another when we are considering going out on our own. It’s not that we do not believe we can do it, it’s the fear factor.

Tanner Menzies Director Peter Tanner reflects on his decision to start his own business. ‘I had lots of reservations before taking a leap of faith when we started Tanner Menzies back in 1988, I had a great job with a great company, but there we something missing. I didn’t know what that was until we started Tanner Menzies.

Peter recalls ‘it was the sense of freedom to choose whom I dealt with, how hard I worked (and believe me you work very, very hard when you work for yourself) and knowing that with every dollar earned the majority of it was mine. Yes, there were days when I worried about all of the above, however, it was the push through and having great colleagues around me as the company grew that made it all worthwhile.’

There is an opportunity for like-minded people to join us as a Tanner Menzies Licensee.

What can you expect as a Tanner Menzies Licensee? Freedom to be you and deliver the great service to your clients and candidates that they have come to expect. A collegial support group who know exactly what you are going through, as they have previously experienced and the opportunity to speak frankly with them to keep you motivated and advise on what’s next.  The opportunity to have our back office take the worry out of all those things you don’t like doing, that lets you focus on what you are best at, importantly working for yourself under a well-known and recognisable brand.

We are growing why not be part of that growth and be rewarded for your efforts?