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Why Innovation can be a Red Herring

When you think about entrepreneurship, you almost certainly think of brilliant, young, “out of the box” thinkers, who are willing to go out on a limb for their fantastic new idea. The media feeds us a constant stream of these rags to riches stories, and we are captivated by the inspiration and innovation which is…

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The Ecosystem of Recruitment Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an interesting concept, with so many variables that determine whether you will or won’t be successful, and the time frame within which success can realistically be expected. These variables are well documented, with limitless resources offering useful but sometimes conflicting advice on what it really takes to build a successful small business. At…

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Why Recruitment and Entrepreneurship are a Perfect Fit

In recent years the term “gig economy” has been showing up with increasing frequency, but the phrase is often left hanging without explaining what it actually is. Essentially, the gig economy refers to any work that is done outside of the confines of traditional models of employment. Anybody who works as a freelancer, a contractor,…

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