The easy answer to this question is that candidates are absolutely critical to your business success. Without them, you do not have a business, at least in the recruitment space.

A quality candidate needs to be in a position of trust with a recruiter. You need to be known for your ability to identify and recommend top candidates. How do you achieve this? You may think that being asked to recruit someone for a company is where the recruitment cycle starts, however, this is not true. This is at best midway through what can sometimes be a lengthy process. If you only start looking for candidates once a brief is issued, you are not going to enjoy a lot of success as a recruiter.

Have you ever wondered how some recruiters seem to have quality candidates available much faster than others? The main reason for this is they are constantly reviewing the market for quality professionals, often speaking with them well before they have an appropriate opportunity for them to consider. Recruiters are often out there speaking with passive job seekers before those candidates even know they are looking!

Best practice recruiters are constantly highlighting their brand through updates, blogs, newsletters, videos, industry events and more. They are creating a presence. They are recognised for their knowledge of what’s happening and are viewed as the “go to” in providing valuable assistance to those who want to enter (or at a minimum be aware) of activity in the job market.

Top recruiters are respected because they do not try and jam square pegs in round holes, rather, they offer real, relevant and informed career advice on what potential individuals have to offer – and whether their aspirations are realistic.

Importantly if career oriented individuals are not ready for that aspirational role, the expert recruiter can advise on what needs to be done for them to get to that level of competitiveness as quickly as possible.

The reason we are confirming this need for exceptional candidate care and management is that Tanner Menzies has been known for four decades as a focused, reputable organisation servicing career aspirants in the Australian business environment.

If what has been explained earlier resonates with the way in which you view the incredible importance of candidates to your success, then the next phase of your career could potentially be to become a Tanner Menzies Licensee. Not only is our plan for candidate excellence and experience well in place, our recruitment business model is now operating with great success in a number of sectors and states. It is allowing experienced search and selection recruitment professionals to come on board and enjoy the rewards of owning their own business.

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Written by Peter Gleeson.