Find, Engage, and Recruit Passive Candidates With Our Executive Search Services

Your people are your most valuable asset that goes a long way in giving you a competitive edge in a dynamic business world. Hence, as an organisation you would always prefer to have the best set of people working for you. For this, have you considered engaging and recruiting passive candidates for your executive positions? If not, then now is the time to look into this untapped network of high-potential individuals who can make a stark difference in your company’s performance and future. Passive candidates are those who are not actively seeking jobs. They are satisfied with their present role and organisation. However, if presented with the right opportunity, they might consider making the switch. These candidates are always top-notch and do not need a lot of handholding when they join you. They are found to be more loyal to an organisation and their performances also speak for them. Executive search for passive candidates is a bit different from hiring active ones.

Here are some of the ways through which you can improve your hiring strategy and recruit passive candidates.

Source passive candidates

These folks are not looking for you, hence you should look for them. Source passive candidates through online platforms like LinkedIn. You can track candidates and build a pool or network of potential passive candidates for your executive position so that when a position opens, you can readily reach out to candidates in your network.

Strategically engage with these candidates

Remember they are not actively seeking jobs or showing interest in your organisation. Therefore, you need to be careful, and you should not spam their email or engage in meaningless conversation. Introduce your organisation, mention what brings you to them, and bring out the best perks of working with your organisation.

Understand their motivations

If you gauge their motivations and aspirations correctly, then you can pitch the appropriate offer. For passive candidates, one medicine fits-all solution does not work. You need to interact with and understand a person’s aspirations and then offer a tailor-made recruitment offer to him/her. This would also build credibility for yourself as well as for your organisation and even if the candidate does not join your firm, they would always treat or mention your organisation in good regard.

Leverage referrals

As one of the top executive search firms in Australia, we say leverage the network of your existing employees. You trust your present employees and they would spread the word in their network, bringing in bright and trusted individuals to your organisation. Your employees would act both as your brand ambassadors as well as your hiring team in bringing the best talent to your firm.

Partner with an executive search firm

The best solution! Outsource the task to those who know it and do it in the best way. We are the leaders when it comes to hiring passive candidates. Our consultants have decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of all industry verticals. They come with a vast network that’s built on years of credibility. So, don’t wait for the perfect candidate to just appear, look for them in the passive pool.

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