The New Order of The World of Work

The rapid effect that COVID had on so many, provided an interesting phenomenon in terms of how human nature, whilst generally thought to be reasonably ingrained in terms of determining behavior, can be significantly affected if the “human” in question is not able to control most or at least the majority of their environment.

In the case of the global pandemic, the outcomes were profound; particularly, when the rules of the land completely contradicted the democratic, flexible, and individually determined choices we had all fought so hard to enjoy. The reality is that in many cases we were no longer able to move freely in community circles that we had actively developed and if we did, we needed to be at a minimum masked if not inoculated, then be morally judged if not fined as in the case of some restrictions that had been put in place.

We were not able to actually go to our workplaces unless considered to be working in essential services. In some states curfews applied and lock downs ensured for hundreds of days in the more extreme cases.

People became fearful, introverted and isolated. Children could not attend school and many companies were forced to close their doors or at a minimum restrict the amount of time they were “open”.

New work practices became common place over night, roles became hybrid in nature, if not completely working from home, work practices changed dramatically.

ZOOM or similar became one of the most common forms of getting together for work or play. The world became a different place.

With less ongoing interaction, many employees became more productive, for some companies record profits were enjoyed and there was no need for expensive offices. People got the job done faster with less error and management shrunk dramatically as people self-managed.

We were shut off from much of the rest of the world as countries essentially isolated as one in order to be rid of the virus. No travel for work or play. Immigration ground to a halt and labor became short in supply

In terms of changing jobs, people became concerned about the volatility. Although many did find their own job role changed. However, they were not compensated for doing more. 

People used the environment as an excuse for not considering their career particularly if it meant a move to another company. If they had a look externally, it was likely to secure an improvement in their existing employment by way of a counter offer.

There were a number of other factors which also changed during the last 3 years or so. Most have now returned to normal or have  changed forever. 

It is time to objectively review where you were and where you are now. If you are happy with what you see, which is now likely to be similar to 2018, then it’s OK.

If you objectively look at what’s mentioned earlier in this article you will see, we are now in a new normal world, and it is time to consider your options.  If you don’t you are risking the loss of career ground and opportunity. If you are a recruiter looking for a new option in that space or a professional looking to go to the next level career wise- maybe both, please give us a call, it’s what we do!

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