Top 10 Qualities of a Recruiter

Human resource is the single most valuable asset that runs your business. That’s why executive recruitment is even more challenging, and recruiters need to be extra careful while hiring new people. We believe that the top qualities of a recruiter should be patience, persistence, and perseverance. These are non-negotiable. 

However, along with the 3Ps, what are the other qualities that executive recruiters possess? Let us find out –

Excellent communication skills

The gift of the gab is a must. As a skilled recruiter, you should possess quality communication skills – both verbal and non-verbal. Ensure that you do not ask generic and repetitive questions, be clear and transparent with your communication, and always exhibit a positive tone in your voice and body language.

Share organizational policies and culture

You can share insights on how the business operates within the organization, what some of the values are incorporated, and maybe some information about the job, team, and culture will help you build that trust and faith.

Manage expectations up front

Candidates have expectations about salary, perks, work culture, etc. while employers will have on the skillsets and competencies. Executives from top recruitment services always set clear expectations upfront. Both parties are aligned and are only going ahead because they are on the same page

Include direct team members in the hiring process

Generally, the HR team and maybe the reporting manager come in during the hiring process. But it would be great to involve the direct team members as well – associates with whom the new hire would potentially spend most of the working bandwidth. This would help reduce friction within the team and build more team bonding.

Strong network

Your net worth is your network. Successful executive recruiters have a wide professional network. They go out and meet new people, build industry connections, and broaden the pipeline of potential candidates.

Broad mindset

Hiring should not be considered a disparate part of the organization. The entire process should be aligned with the broader organizational goals. Recruiters should see the big picture and consider the process to be a part of the larger ecosystem that will drive the organization forward.


To enable the big picture, executive recruiters should be absolutely unbiased. They should be neutral and exhibit no signs of favoritism based on gender, region, culture, ethnicity, or religion.


This is a virtue that should be possessed and practiced. As a recruiter, you should not conceal information or tweak information for any benefit, whatsoever. This will help you win the trust of the candidate and also establish a good brand image for the organization

Tech literacy

The modern world demand tech know-how. You should be aware of the various tools and software that aid in the hiring process – be it resume screening, filtering candidates, or conducting a video call. Tech can be that ally that makes your work simpler!

Critical thinking

Finally, Think Think Think! Before you come to a decision. You are responsible for hiring the future of the organization and it is better to think and act rather than repent later.

Build these qualities and master the recruitment game like an expert from the top executive recruitment companies!

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